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Issca Regenerative medicine conference will take place in Buenos Aires November 28
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The fastest way to get more patients

En estos tiempos de crisis, a través del marketing médico te cuento cómo llevar más pacientes a tu práctica
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Websites that convert inquiries – Medical Marketing

Do you want a website that converts quotes? Have you ever wondered which cosmetic clinic sites convert the best and what are they doing now? Many people immediately name Amazon as the top converting site based on the variety and volume of products you ship. It is true but they are selling products and you
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Conversion Rate in Medical Marketing

A common question I get from my clients is, “What is a good conversion rate?” It’s hard to tell because you are only aware of the numbers from your practice and cannot compare with the conversion rates of the competition. Or maybe you think your rate of say around 50% is fine for you. Others
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The reception area is often considered a mere physical space, something like the anteroom of what is truly important. In reality it is the fundamental piece, the entrance door, the first impression that can make the difference between a successful visit … or not . Here are my suggestions and detailed steps on what a
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Why hire a Medical Marketing Consultant

Everyone knows and agrees that having a good advisor is critical to success. As a physician, I don’t have to explain to you how valuable it is to know what successful clinics do to outperform their competitors. Or how a new perspective can shed light on deficiencies in your query that you are not seeing.
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5 Vital KPIs to Generate Stable Income

There are 5 essential operations to convert patients that must occur in ANY successful aesthetic clinic <! – / wp: paragraph -> <! – wp: paragraph -> If you lose any of these 5 key elements, you are leaving a lot of money on the table, I’m talking thousands of dollars. <! – / wp:
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Differentiate yourself or die

A customer was complaining the other day that his colleague was doing more surgeries than he was. He was super frustrated because he tells me that he is more qualified and that he has more skills besides that he has more experience and time in the market ………. and to top it off it has
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There is a reason why you charge more. You have the skills and experience to back up. Instead of lowering your prices the next time a prospective patient shows you that another surgeon gave him “The best price in the world” here is a better approach. Let a patient who went cheap share a story
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