In this training you will learn about

  • You will reach new patients with digital marketing tools.

  • The key to retain your patients so that they do not go to the competition in the future.

  • The necessary tools will be provided to discover ‘Premium or VIP’ patients, achieving a clear referral strategy for your office or clinic.

  • Strategies and foundations for a successful professional practice.

In addition to the training of the face-to-face course, throughout the day as attached to the program, a certificate and a USB (flash drive) containing:

1. More than 50 audiovisual resources ready to use in your office just by including your logo.

2. Sales training for your reception and-or patient coordinator.

3. More than 50 ideas, tested and explained, of the best marketing practices in today's world-class practices.


Our face-to-face trainings are designed to personalize the knowledge acquired over so many years of experience to your particular professional situation.

Much of our “expertise” is reflected in the online trainings and books that we have at our disposal.

However, each doctor is different and that is what we want with these online trainings.

Our purpose is to bring together these individual worlds that depend on different management styles, different economic situations, among many other things.

With the full two-day training, we want to give you the commercial, logistical and operational tools to become a successful manager of your own professional brand.

The intensive training is aimed at you and / or your trusted staff you want to train.

We will discover where you are now, where you want to be and what are the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals.

  • How to “sell” yourself as a doctor and as the best option before the consultation.
  • How to address pricing questions and patients who want to negotiate.
  • How to professionally "close" the query without being overwhelming and much more.
  • Manual of conduct for your receptionist.
  • How to handle "NO", how to answer a phone.
  • How to convert a call into a query.
  • How to deal with annoying users.
  • How your staff can justify a quote.
  • How to handle the “no show” of your clients in the office.
  • Simple things you can do to help search engines (SEO / SEM) < / li>
  • Recommendations for the use of social networks.
  • The most common mistakes doctors make.
  • How to design a good ad that has immediate response.
  • How to use email marketing with my patients to keep them shopping.
  • To blog or not to blog?
  • How to make an interactive website to generate interested parties.
  • Landing pages
  • Lead Magnet and much more…

Includes support material and book
"Digital tools in the doctor's office"

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