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Which of these statements sounds the most like you?

  • Your billing is decent, but it is not the correct amount. Not the sum What were you hoping to get when you decided to leave a large part of your life studying to become a cosmetic doctor or plastic surgeon.
  • You are tired of dealing with fickle patients, staff turnover, technological advances and constant changes in the internet and social networks to the point that you cannot have a moment of rest with your family that does NOT include the stress of increased office overhead .
  • You feel that there is something that you are missing. As if your competitors know anything that you don't know, and always with the feeling that if you did, they would catapult your results.

If any of those statements resonate with you, then here is an idea:

The only reason best practices are regarded as such is because they are willing to do what others are not doing to excel and be successful.

And here's the secret ... They stopped trying to figure it out on their own. They understand that business trends, patient motivations and technology change so fast that there is no way they can keep up ... On top of all that they have to keep up in their medical profession.

Best practices are accelerated by getting tips, strategies, shortcuts, and resources from the experts who know what works TODAY for optimal results.

The fastest way to get immediate results is to do the same thing that successful practices have already shown to work for more patients and more profitability. There is no need to waste more time and money on strategies that DO NOT propel you forward

Since 2008 I have worked with hundreds of aesthetic clinics creating strategies to get more patients and generate more profits by implementing my effective strategies of attraction, conversion and retention.

If you're ready to make changes to your query so that you can enjoy it once again, here's what we'll do with our time together:

your vision

We will start with the vision you have for your business, to know where it is, where you are trying to reach and what are the challenges that are holding you back.

You will have more clarity than ever because my experience offers you multiple perspectives from having worked with hundreds of consultations that have gone through the same situation

KPI (Key performance indicators)

  • We will review your data, figures and analytical reports in detail, I guarantee that the answers are in the numbers.
  • We will identify your performance indicators and then we will abandon unnecessary activities that are weighing you down and draining your resources.
  • We will also identify failures that cost you time, money, hassle, and sleepless nights so that we can correct processes and move forward successfully.

The Basics of the "Patient Experience"

The other vital focus is to learn how "the patient" perceives you and how each facet of your practice qualifies.

The person who trusts you enough to hire your services is the most important asset we have.

We'll walk through your processes like a patient would to determine what works and what needs to be adjusted to improve the prospect's experience. We are looking to specialize in a way that they say YES, come back for more, and refer you to their friends and family.

This part is where many doctors leave a lot of money on the table, I guarantee you that here my ideas pay my fees and increase their benefits with a minimum of effort on your part.

Plan to attract and convert new patients

We will draw up a plan of attraction and conversion of new patients that you will follow to the letter ... We will establish processes that will give clarity step by step of what has to happen to build a solid foundation of a busy schedule of new and existing patients.

We will then review your marketing efforts to determine what works and what does not, so that you can be sure that you are spending wisely to get a solid return on investment, then we will look at your "sales funnel" to make sure your rates of conversion are as good as could be.

This includes everything that happens step by step from the moment a query comes from the Internet, referred to social networks to ensure that you are following each track systematically so that they are not lost due to lack of follow-up

We will install automated systems to monitor the progress of new patients to get them to convert, refer and refer.

Follow-up evaluation and assessment report

I will prepare a practice assessment that will describe strengths, challenges, and strategies for implementing improvements, including a checklist to prioritize execution, as no good idea counts if it is not implemented.

Consider this report as a Reference Guide that you will use immediately but it is a living document that will serve you well for years to come.

Marketing plan

I will create a tailored marketing plan and follow-up process that outlines the promotional measures and timelines to effectively promote your aesthetic services based on our findings.

This will get you out of the madness of pursuing every strategy they tell you, because you will have a plan to maintain a constant flow of patients arriving in a predictable manner.

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