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I grew up in a small town in East Havana under a communist regime where private property or any idea of business were non-existent concepts .
My father was an officer in the Cuban army and I tried to follow in his footsteps by enrolling in a military academy-- I was later drafted in the army where I served as a sergeant for 5 years, and never actually attended college.

Soon after my 20th birthday I managed to emigrate to Venezuela ( little did I know that communism would follow me there soon after). My first real job was in East Caracas at DHL, where I worked as a customer service agent. It was there that I learned the importance of image-- both good and bad. I worked 10 years for DHL, moving to the risk-management department and escalating through several positions, eventually achieving upper management status in corporate security and operations.

I entered the field of medicine by sheer circumstance in 2005, soon after arriving in the US. My sister, her husband, and some of my friends were great physicians but struggled with the business side of practice. I wanted a career change, and so I started helping. Our improvised partnership took off, and together we went on to found several successful medical practices ranging from family practice, to urgent care clinics, to anti-aging and Spa facilities.

These experiences laid the groundwork for my understanding of the unique challenges, threats and opportunities that face physicians today.

But my real desire was to become a consultant and help as many doctors as possible. So, I spent the next 5 years developing and perfecting my marketing and sales techniques . I founded a client service marketing agency exclusively for cash-based practitioners: Aesthetic Marketing Group was born in 2010 and was an immediate success. At that point in time, I had the tools I needed to begin coaching and training staff and running marketing campaigns. My understanding of sales techniques as well as my skills using new media platforms has given me a distinct edge over local competitors.

That same year, something happened that changed my game completely,almost by accident. I became intrigued by advancements being made in the field of stem cell medicine-- and so, armed with my sales and marketing experience, as well as my business acumen, I founded Global Stem Cells Group, a company determined to make these advancements available to as many patients as possible . From its humble beginnings, the company grew to our current status as a key player in promoting point of care regenerative medicine therapies worldwide.

Here I am, 15 years later watching massive changes occur in both industries, brought on by recessions, a pandemic, and a hyper-competitive market. Additionally, advanced technology and the spread of social media have completely changed the marketing landscape of the field-- I am more excited than ever to use my knowledge, experience and team to continue helping physicians and scientists change the world through regenerative medicine .




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